Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More on TTU's Latest Hire

The decision to hire Alberto Gonzalez gets some analysis from the NY Times Ethicist. I have already asked the reader about this hire, and just wanted to update y'all. The NY Times piece also contains a link to an interview the paper had with the disgraced former Attorney General.

I am not so upset at the $100k salary, as it is more than just one class--the major part of the job is supposed to be attracting minorities. I do hope attitudes have changed in that area since I left. I still remember quite clearly the affirmative action/diversity training we received one summer that left me aghast, including the following quotes uttered by the trainers (not the trainees):

"We have to do this because of big government"
"We just need to avoid lawsuits."
And so on. It was awful, and remedying these attitudes by hiring Gonzalez, who is the poster child for opponents of affirmative action, seems like more of the same.

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