Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Media Day!

Ok, a second post on media stuff. Steve Greene linked to this site, which happily notes that they have been threatened by Ralph Lauren for using Ralph Lauren images--because they were mocking a strange picture of a model whose body seemed to have been shrunk by a photoshop accident. The post points out that fair use includes criticism, satire and the like, and if Ralph Lauren's business is hurt by criticism, tough tooties!

Anyhow, we live in a strange time for advertising where we really don't know where things are going to end up with the internet, dying newspapers, plummeting TV ratings and DVRs-skipping commercials. So, Ralph Lauren might consider other ways to deal with its advertising issues besides threatening to sue some folks on the internet.

On a different advertising note, Mad Men has rocked this season, but there have been precious few Don-moments where he magically spins a new image for a product like Kodak's carousel. On the other hand, I wonder what John Deere thinks of the shocking episode that has been compared to the Kennedy Assassination.

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