Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Media Pro Alert!

I have been appearing on a regular basis on the local CTV station in Montreal during the noon news program. Today, it was a bit different in three ways:
  • I was not at the remote location (either in the newsroom or in a hallway), but actually in the studio at the comfy bright red couch.
  • I was not alone--I appeared with a person from Rights and Democracy, a Montreal-based Human Rights non-governmental organization (I left his card at my office, sorry, Michael).
  • There was a large group of students from one of the local CEGEPs (Quebec's unique community/junior college that bridges between high school and university) who were off on the side, observing.
The first two differences were the relevant ones. I had less time since the segment was shared, but it felt far more comfortable to be talking people than to a camera on its own. I have no clue if it looked good or not (my hair was a mess, as usual).

It was on Afghanistan, of course. Turns out the war started eight years ago today, but the timing of the panel was more of a coincidence.

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