Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NSF Follow Up

See this article for the latest on the Coburn attempt to end NSF funding for political science. We are probably wasting more bandwidth on this than it deserves as Coburn is a, ahem, loon and is unlikely to win. On the other hand, complaceny rarely leads to good things.

Coburn is apparently suggesting that this is a big decific issue--$9.3 million a year or so. Which is so silly that it is hard to fathom, and then he compares it to waterboarding. Anyone doubting his loon status (as in lunatic, not the $1 canadian coin) should consider this statement:
But Coburn said that continuing to spend taxpayer money on programs that don’t deserve it will amount to the “waterboarding” of American children.

Shouldn't take long for a journalist or political scientist to find boondoggles for Oklahoma des[ote Coburn's stands on earmarks.

Hat tip to Mrs. Spew for this link.

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