Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Politics Yes, Science No.

Check out this list of hottest heads of state. I would say that Putin is over-rated just a tad, but I am not an expert. I would say the Malaysian leader is under-rated, for his headwear alone. The young starlets of Italy would disagree with Berlusconi at 65. Assad of Syria should be lower than 106--he is nearly as scary-looking as Sarah Jessica Parker. Merkel of Germany should certainly be higher than 109--definitely not less hot than Assad. And for headwear, got to like the Thai King despite his ranking at 144. I do like the only guy in a tux is the head of Monaco.

I wonder if the NSF would fund a study to rank the hotness of leaders and then see what that correlates with. There might be some bias in this particular list with the Pope and Kim Jong-il finishing at the bottom and Mugabe and Raul Castro finishing 168, 169 out of 172.

What say the readers?

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