Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pre-Movie Review: Green Zone

Just caught the trailer of Green Zone--the new Matt Damon in Iraq movie.  The movie looks like a lot of fun--kind of Jason Bourne in Iraq.  The funny thing is that the movie is "based on" an excellent book: Imperial Life in an Emerald City by Rajiv ChandrasekaranThe book does an excellent job of documenting the many dimensions of US failures in occupying Iraq--banking, education, power, etc.  It has little to do with the search for Weapons of Mass Destruction (which seems to be Damon's mission in the movie), nor is there really much action in the book.  A movie that is really based on the book could be a farce like the Buffalo Soldiers or MASH.

I look forward to seeing the movie as it looks to be entertaining, and perhaps one game to play is to spot the questionable link to the book. 

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