Friday, August 6, 2010

Light Saber Much?

This video is most interesting to any Star Wars buff:

It documents every light saber ignition from start of the original trilogy through to the prequels and then retraction going backwards.  My first reaction is: wow, very few light saber appearances in the original trilogy and heaps in the prequels.  Is this why the original is better?  Is less more?  Um, no.  The light saber stuff in the prequels was among the best parts--the battle scene with Darth Maul was the highlight of the Phantom Menace.  The action in the prequels was quite good.  The other stuff in those movies was lacking--story, dialogue, direction, acting, casting--but the action rocked nonetheless.

Any thoughts by the other SW geeks reading my blog?


Ferayebend said...

this over excessive usage of lightsaber has been discussed already in the great 90 minute review by Redlettermedia. This is the part where he discusses it.

Steve Saideman said...

I have been meaning to watch the 90 minute review, but, hey, it is 90 minutes. I did watch the sequence you highlight, and, damn, if it does not crush me! Watching Yoda be a badass was cool, but the reviewer is right--size matters not. But it does in a light saber battle. Aaargh!
I would not go as far as the reviewer about reliance on light sabers as a sign of a lack of imagination. One of the differences in the original trilogy and the prequels is that we only had a handful of force wielders in the original. So, it had to have less light saber battles. But I see the point--Jedi should not switch when they feel a twitch.

Steve Greene said...

I actually thought they might have missed this one:
but it is just a really quick hand when Obi Wan jumps out of the pit to get Darth Maul. Sorry, no deep thoughts.